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The New Isar (Die neue Isar): Book Series & Environmental, Cultural, Social and Political Forum to all Issues on the Isar River


Under the title “Die neue Isar”, a German anthology on the river Isar was published by “Nymphenspiegel”, a cultural forum based in Munich, Bavaria.

The first volume, published in 2010, was supplemented in May 2011 with the closing second volume. Further volumes will come out continuously at least once a year.

Editor Ralf Sartori covers issues related to River Basin Management, but also essays, historic and literary works. Thereby, the two books provide an extensive overview on the Isar River as on environmental, cultural, social, economic and political entity.

This long-terme-initiativ has been founded to put the Isar River closer into the public perception, to interest more people for it and to strengthen the efforts for environmental protection and restoring the river, its banks and landscapes to a more natural state.

By the project “Die neue Isar” (“The new Isar”) we also want to encourage people at any place of the world to take initiative for there rivers and landscapes in their environs.

And we are interested in cooperation and networking with similar initiatives and projects.

In each volume of the book series “The new Isar” there will be one chapter, in which such initiatives und projects can be introduced.

Some clother information to our project “The new Isar” can be found under the next headline on this page and in german language at

Now I would be very pleased to hear about you, if you are commited to such concernes or simply interrested in our work.

Ralf Sartori

Redaktion und Forum „Die neue Isar“

Tel: ++49/ +89/ 56 48 37 (Munich/ Bavaria)



The new Isar-River-Projekt consists of two elements

  • An Open Forum
  • A Series of Books about the River Isar


With the series of books about `The New Isar´ a permanent professional, journalistic and literary platform is created for Munich, its environs, surrounding and countryside.

It deals with all topics and innovations concerning this river, for example the steps to restore the river, its banks and landscapes to a more natural state, the impetus of urban planning aiming to reintegrate the waterfront into urban life and the debate about socio-cultural development.

Not only is the past related, the series shows further possibilities and realistic visions (utopias). Its authors are competent, the most interesting initiators, doers and experts of their fields. The various forms of analysis of the river and its sphere are reflected in scientific entries next to essays, lyrics and stories.

The `Forum New Isar´ comprises the mentioned series of books. Concurrently lectures, guided tours and symposiums provide for an encounter, for connections, further learning, exchange of thoughts and other ways of cooperation among interested persons. Both levels interact and thus stimulate each other in a mutual give-and-take, forming a top-flight basis for the evolution of new ideas and approaches.

The river and involved citizens get a strong lobby and a public place for exchange.

Continuous presence in the media helps constructive suggestions to be discussed seriously. Thus voluntary citizens with comprehensive knowledge and experience will be heard as sincere partners in the concerned administrations.

The `Forum New Isar´ supports more expansive steps to restore the river to a natural state and to revive cultural life around the river.

Furthermore it aims at increasing the democratic transparency within the tangle of politics, administration, power-plant-operators and NGOs.

Its informal and dynamic structures are special and invite everybody to participate by constructive contributions: representatives of science, education, politics, economy, administration, media, festivals, arts, handicrafts, NGOs and all other interested and committed persons.

Conventional groups regularly work via exclusion: members are considered in-group, all others out-group. And often such a group – a club, a political party – in itself becomes more important than the original matter for which it was founded.

The `Forum New Isar´ however sees itself as a host, a mediator and project-gardener.

It wants to allow and support an unbiased dialogue between the essential parties in order to get best results for the river, nature and urban landscape.

All profit by bringing together the most capable persons with the best ideas regardless of old trenches, by concentrating and popularizing existing information and knowledge in an integral and humanistic approach.

So far this project in its whole is unique. Spanning arts, ecology, sociology and politics it displays a wide range of ideas and a potential which can be transferred to many other fields – literally and figuratively.

The german title of the book series `THE NEW ISAR´ is:

„Die Neue Isar, Renaturierung, kulturelle Öffnung und Ideen-Fluß, Geschichtliches wie Literarisches

 Further information can be found in german language at

Ralf Sartori

Redaktion und Forum „Die neue Isar“

Tel: ++49/ +89/ 56 48 37 (Munich/ Bavaria)



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